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    Posted on January 11, 2012 by in Uncategorized

    Welcome to the brand new blog and website for Kreative Event Services!  I spent allllllllllllll summer and most of the fall tweaking and making a more thorough website chock full of useful invitation information for all you fine visitors to my site…I’m talking hours and hours, days and days.  Only to have received the tragic news that iweb,  my website builder, was being phased out and in about 6 months time it wouldn’t really be an option for me anymore.  *Sigh* So, feeling stressed and overwhelmed as I’m entering the chaos of wedding season with the thought of having to re-build the entire site, I turned to my hubby for guidance and after throwing around many options, none of which I was thrilled about, I settled with wordpress.  Well, about 24 hours later, after I have finally gotten my hands dirty, I LOVE it!  It’s exactly what I was imagining and it is a breeze to build!

    So, welcome, welcome!  I hope you enjoy the new site and that it answers all of your questions!  If not, I’m just an e-mail, phone call, or skype message away!  Hope to hear from you all soon!

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