• Christmas Card Round-Up

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    I opened my mailbox up today to a mailbox full of Christmas Cards that I designed!  It was fun to see them in print, since almost all of them i only saw as a PDF file before sending them off to the printer and then having them drop-shipped directly to friends & family.

    I enjoy keeping a low-profile during this time of year – it’s the quiet season for weddings (my main bread and butter) so I like to sit back, relax and play catch up…so I haven’t really made a habit of joining the rat race and trying to design a line of Christmas Cards to attempt to sell.  But, I do enjoy working with past clients, family and friends who purposely seek me out to help!

    So to start, I’ll show off my Christmas Card this year.  It was a big hit and I’ve received a lot of compliments on them…

    I’m a self-taught graphic designer – and for about a year know I’ve been trying to figure out how to do a thick outline around text…I searched and searched and searched for the how-to and then one day I had an epiphany…derrrr open it in illustrator and thicken up the outline until it is as big as you want it.  So simple, why didn’t I figure that one out sooner?  So, I had to include that technique on my Christmas Card to memorialize the occasion.

    The pattern on the invitation is also one of my favorites – and if it looks familiar you’re right…it’s on my website and part of my logo, all part of my new branding efforts from this past summer and fall.

    I think the backside was everyone’s favorite…I had seen an idea on interest where you summarized the highlights of your year into a “year-in-review” format – and I just loved the idea!  I never like how my Christmas letter sounds, so this seemed like a great way to share information – and I think it’ll become a tradition!

    Britt’s order came today, and her Christmas Card with set up Postcard Style.  The card features a photo of her dog dressed up as a reindeer…I stop my work everyday at about noon to take this little munchkin out for a walk!  :)

    Feeling a little bit country…I pulled together this Christmas Card for my sister-in-law & family!  The cuties on the right are my nephews!  Photos of the Christmas Dinner Invite to come shortly!

    My roomie from college enlisted me to do her Christmas Card this year – and I’m so glad I could help!  That’s Rileybug front and center striking her cheerleader pose!  BTW – pulled out one of my current favorite fonts on this one – albermarle.

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