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    I’m back from maternity leave, so it’s time to dust off the ‘ole website and get you all caught back up on what has been going on here at Kreative while I’ve been MIA. I’m a terrible blogger/social media marketer – it’s hard to find the time to show off my work. Since having J I’m down to working about 2-3 hours a day and lucky for me those hours are FILLED with orders, and lots of them! My Etsy shop is humming along and I’m having a blast creating new designs to fill it up!

    Enough chit chat, now to get to the good stuff..


    Back in December my family threw me a beautiful baby shower – at my request (I know, I know, it is hard for me to sit quietly with an opinion when it comes to a party) it was a Baby, it’s Cold Outside theme. I wanted something nice and cozy to celebrate my little winter baby!  Please excuse my blurry pictures – in my haste I only had a few minutes to snap some pictures with my iPhone before guests arrives!

    Guests were asked to bring a onesie (in any size) that represented them (in style, personality, etc.).  The onesies hung on display and created an adorable backdrop for the presents.  Later in the shower I had the fun of guessing who brought each onesie!  Let me tell you – super fun, but harder then it sounds!  Over the past few months I’ve really enjoyed dressing J in each of the outfits always thinking about the person who brought it for him!  Mimi is coming today to visit and he’ll be rocking the Notre Dame Onesie just for her!

    Moving on…


    The menu consisted of comfort food – including a mashed potato bar and a hot chocolate bar with all of the fixin’s.


    Baby expenses really add up – so a fun party game we played is the Price is Right; baby edition.  Guests had to guess the price of each item and sum up a grand total for all of the items.  The Guest with the grand total closest to the actual price without going over is deemed the winner. Each generation really has a different perspective on pricing and it’s fun to see the disparity.


    We also did a birthday prediction calendar where guests picked the date they thought the baby would make his big debut!  In the final days of my pregnancy I enjoyed glancing at the calendar on my fridge after the shower and watching the days tick away!


    I’d be remised if I didn’t take the time to show off these adorable water bottle labels!  Melted Snowman!  I’ve never been one for personalized water bottle labels – probably because I’m anti-water bottles (so wasteful) but these I really dig!

    Below are a few more pictures of some of the details as well as (some) of the special ladies that attended the shower.  I adored the favors (even though you cannot see what they are as they are hidden by cute bags) – they were knitted head warmers; made with love by one of the grandma to be.  The adorable cake was made by Cakes by Amanda.  The center pieces featured a candle, some fake snow and baby pictures of the mommy and daddy to be.

    The shower was a very special day – one that I will always look back on fondly!  Such a joyous occasion to share with my closest friends and family.  J was one spoiled little dude before he was even born!

    If you like what you see, be sure to check out my Etsy Shop!  All of the Baby it’s Cold Outside stationery & designs are available for sale!

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